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Welcome to Smart-HDL South Africa

SmartHome-HDL can control all aspect of the systems in a home including but not limited
to the following:

Lighting and Dimming, HVAC, Home Automation Controllers , Building Management Systems (BMS), Whole House Audio - Media Streaming and Distribution, Motorized Shades, Security and Safety, Switches, Panels and Touch Screens, Stage Lighting, Show Control, DIY Disco and Party Box.

SMART-HDL is Green and helps to reduce the carbon foot print by providing technologies such as: Energy Meters, Green Building and Energy Saving

We also provide industrial solutions such as DMX and Ballast Controls, - Hotel GRMS, Elegant Glass Sockets and Outlets, - Occupancy sensors and PIR, - Access control and much. .

Why go Smart-BUS?

The Smart-BUS System is really smart. By selecting the Smart-Bus protocol there will be considerably less wiring, less conduits and less man power to execute. In Addition, there will be less distribution frames and less wiring cabinets. These savings alone Make the Whole SMART-BUS System Look as if it totally free of charge.

The Second Smart-Bus Advantage is the unlimited Expansion Ability. Smart-Bus protocol can be expanded directly from any point to many other Smart-Bus systems a daisy chain topology like a Christmas Tree. The system can bridge many networks together and each network can have up to 65,000 addressable devices on the same wire. Smart-Bus allows each device to have a different addressable channels and ports or status I/O varying from 2 to 16 per device.

The Third Smart-Bus Advantage is the plug and play integration ability. Smart-BUS provide a complete solution for: Lighting and Dimming Systems, HVAC Control, BMS I/O, Access Control, Wall Panels switches and Touch screens, Multi Room Audio, Power Meters and Analyzers, Energy Saving Sensors and Logic, Automation and Security controllers, Infra Red Networks, Hotel Guest Room Management Systems, Media Streaming, SMS Modules, Stage lighting Racks, lighting control consoles and Show control, Wireless tablets and remote controls Hand held, Ballast, LED, DMX, DALI, EIB, Mod BUS, KNX, Ethernet, fiber optics bridges and Controllers, Curtain and Drape Motors etc. that are all fully Smart-BUS Enabled and are connected and configured direct once any Smart-BUS connected wire is just plugged/Connected into any of those devices or nodes...

The Fourth Smart-Bus Advantage is that all Smart-BUS Devises are Green. These devices do not consume power while on standby. And while in operation the power consumption rate is approximately 24mA per device. Additionally, Smart-Bus is Eco-Friendly system that potentially decrease the wasted energy in the building, decrease carbon footprints, decrease the wasted materials of PVC such as piping and conduits. Smart-Bus protocol contributes to minimization of time and human resources. In addition in reduction of noise pollution and the dust generated from grinding and breaking.

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